Shikari Rising now in Early Access!

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Shikari Rising is now available as early access version @ STEAM!


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    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks you very much for the interest. Unfortunately at this point, I can not yet tell if I will be able to port the game to Switch or even provide physical copies for the game as it is very costly and this is just me first game yet. I am still learning the ropes of marketing the game and such and hopefully relaunch a kickstarter campaign which will definitely include a stretchgoal that if achieved will allow me to invest time, money and maximum effort to port the game to other consoles including switch. Meanwhile, the game is available at and will soon be available in steam as it has already gone the approval section. According to Steam, June 24th is the earliest it will be available there although I had planned an earlier launch. :’)

      Thanks again,

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